Tshisimani Campus

The campus is the first education college in the region. The campus encompasses two former college of educations namely Tshisimani and Ramaano.

The campus was opened in 2011 as a results of overflow of Makwarela campus. This campus has grown fast and it is the second largest campus in the college in terms of the students registration.

The first Campus Manager was Mrs Ruth Ndou who led the campus from 2011 until 2015. The campus is currently under the leadership of Mr NZ Malitsha.

The campus was gazetted as Tshisimani Campus.


The campus is currently offering the following

  1. NCV programmes: L2 – L4 (Business and Engineering Studies) – 3 Years (36 Months)
    1. Management
    2. Marketing
    3. Finance, Economics and Accounting
    4. Office Administration
    5. Tourism
    6. Information Technology and Computer Science
    7. Electrical Infrastructure Construction
    8. Engineering and Related Design


  1. NATED programmes N4 – N6 (Business Studies) – 18 Months
    1. Human Resource
    2. Financial Management
    3. Marketing Management
    4. Business Management
    5. Management Assistance
    6. Public Management


  1. NATED programmes N1 – N6 (Engineering Studies) – 24 Months
    1. Chemical Management
    2. Mechanical Engineering